Baking with kids

Is not for those who are remotely type A.

Stuck inside with the kids due to the foot or so of snow we had dumped on us today, I decided to try and do something crafty with the kids.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love crafting. Crafting with kids however, tests my patience and has proven to only been done when you can let go of all urges to just do it for them.

And of course I wanted to get photos of the process which just added to the chaos. You can imagine that putting cookie dough or iced cookies in front of them and telling then to wait, don’t touch it, would go really well with three kids under four. So I mainly just went with iPhone pics just to make sure I documented some of the “fun.”

Despite my minor freak outs and stressing over someone eating raw cookie dough, they had a great time and enjoyed their finished products, as you can see.





And I hear we’re getting more snow…does Michael’s deliver??


Coming up for air

Popping in to give some pretty big updates over here in our house.  I have kept pretty quiet about most of them, as I can be fairly superstitious and didn’t want to jinx anything.

So, to go in chronological order.  We bought a house – a new construction project in the same town which is exciting because we love where we live and it’s still walking distance to everything.

Then, we put our house up for sale. After 17 showings, one open house, we sold it in one week.


You can image how excited we were.  Amazing offer, one week, bam, good to go. Inspection went well, awesome. We’re done.  Or so we thought.

The day the second deposit was due, the buyers backed out. I got the call from our lawyer while I was at the gym and wanted to burst into tears that very second.  Just the though of living out of the van with the boys again, keeping the house “show ready” each time we left the house, was enough to make me want to vomit. But we’re lucky, our town is a great market and we were in a great location.  So back on the market we go.  Fortunately, we had a lot of activity and multiple offers and went under contract again pretty quickly. Thank goodness for a wonderful friend/realtor who talked me down nervous breakdowns and fielded a million random questions, she is a saint and pretty awesome at what she does.

If you’ve ever sold a house before, you know how stressful it can be, and do it with three small children…let’s just say there was copious amounts of wine consumed during this selling process.

So towards the end of 2013, I was approached by a former colleague about a position on her team that I always eyed up.  Seemed like a great fit, office was close to my house, really good opportunity.  So here I am, almost one year at home with the boys and am faced with the question, “do you want to come back?” So what do I do, say yes of course, this opportunity was too good to pass up and I would still be able to spend time with the boys; not all day, but I wouldn’t be community two hours a day anymore.  I wouldn’t say I was ready per se to not be with the boys all day, but I couldn’t pass this by.  The boys are going to school more days during the week, Lucas will be joining them in September (omg, how is he going to preschool already?!?), and I am able to work from home, or going to the office is not a big deal since it is less than two miles from home.  Opportunities like this don’t come around that often, so this was a no brainer for me.

So pretty much my free time has entailed packing, purging, picking out fun new house stuff like cabinets, tile and lighting, interviewing for a job, and more packing.

This weekend was the big move, and up until yesterday, we were still going back to the old house, packing up more stuff, and then cleaning it one last time for the final walk through (until 1am, yawn).  After countless hours, near tears, sore backs, and boxes upon boxes of memories, we closed on the sale last night and said goodbye to the only home the boys have known.  It is definitely bittersweet, they still ask to go back to the “old house” but we are settling into the rental and will look forward to the joys of moving again in hopefully a few short months when the new house is ready!

Now that I have a minute to breath, I will hopefully catch up on posting (since I still haven’t posted Lucas’s 2yr stats or taken his photos yet – I need to get on this asap) and will have some fun new house photos to share.


Roman, declaring that he is finished with lunch.
“I’m full. I want a chocolate kiss.”

Me: “Roman, if you are full how do you have room for a chocolate kiss?”

::lifts up his shirt and points to the upper left quadrant of his belly::
“I have room right here.”

There’s always room for chocolate. Silly mommy.

Snow Day

Poking my head in to catch a breath from the craziness happening here lately.  I know I promised a big update, but I’m not quite ready yet, so instead, here’s a story about our day today.

A little background, two or so months ago something I ordered was shipped to one of our previous addresses.  Well today, the current resident calls me and let’s me know that he has my package and I can pick it up.  Ok, great.  Went out in the morning for a doctor’s appointment for Aiden.  He has croup and Lucas has had a fever for two days so I was working on 2 hours of sleep. Yay winter.

Now that you can imagine my mental state at this point…

I reach the house and there is a long, steep driveway; and it’s been snowing here the past two days.  I’m sure you can see where this is going.  I go down the driveway, no problem, pick up the package and try to leave.  Well, the family that lived there just got back from a trip, so they haven’t plowed, put down salt, sand, nada.  So under the fresh fluffy white snow, was a layer of ice.  Needless to say, the mighty minivan would creep up 1/4 of a way up the driveway and then tires would spin.  I back down, try again…and again. I finally get out to ask the current residents if they could help; oh and while I was out, Roman decides to wake Lucas up from his nap.  So my sick littlest man only had a 20min nap today.

After multiple tries on their part, they suggested that I just have someone pick me up and leave the car there until the snow goes away…hmmm, ok, b/c I also have my three kids with me and kind of need my car before the spring; because at this rate, I feel like there will be much more snow to come this winter.

Then Bob the Mailman came down from his house to see if he could help.  He used to be the mailman for our neighborhood when we lived there and was always the nicest guy. He tried to use his snow blower and clear a path, tried driving my car up the driveway a few more times; but alas, we were back where we started.

Right here:

ah shit.

ah shit.

I finally called a friend of a friend with a tow truck to see if he could help.  Awesome, home free right? Well, he could stop by on his way back, in an hour-hour and a half.  

So the family go back in their house, and Bob the mailman invites me and my crew up to his house to see his little dog.  Thank goodness for this sweet man.  He called his wife and they welcomed all four of us in; playing, talking, and answering the million and one questions Roman was throwing out at them.  The boys quickly made themselves at home, as you can see here:

photo 2


The tow truck did get there and wouldn’t you know, he tried one last time to drive my car up the driveway and got the van up to the top as if there was no snow on the road.  Elated, dumbfounded, relieved and grateful, we were on our way.

Such a crazy day, but I am so thankful to know and come across some of the kindest people today.  Between the friends who offered to come by and try to pull us out, pick us up, give me numbers to call to the friendly strangers who kept us warm and sane to the skilled tow truck driver rescuing us…we were very blessed today and I thank everyone involved for taking care of me and my boys.


Movie Night

A quiet Saturday night in means movie night and brotherly cuddles.


Lucas was thrilled his big brothers were sharing the chair and blanket with him